NASA's Space Shuttle in action

Did you know space?

Thousands of high-performance seals made by Saint-Gobain are used in the International Space Station.

Ferrari SuperAmerica with electromic glass roof

Did you know performance cars?

The glass in the roof for the Ferrari SuperAmerica can change from light to dark with the turn of a dial, thanks to special "electrochromic" glass supplied by Saint-Gobain.

Denver International Airport

Did you know airports?

The roof of the Denver International Airport is made of Saint-Gobain's "Sheerfill®" fabric and its ceilings are made by CertainTeed.

Dallas Cowboys stadium roof

Did you know football?

The Dallas Cowboys football stadium features a retractable roof made of Saint-Gobain's "Sheerfill®" architectural fabric.

Kansas City fiber glass insulation line

Did you know insulation?

Saint-Gobain's Kansas City plant houses the longest fiber glass insulation line in the world. It spans more than three football fields and covers more than 1.3 million square feet (56 acres).

Safety is paramount for effective emergency response

Did you know hazardous materials?

Saint-Gobain's high-performance plastic fabrics are used to make highly effective suits for protecting emergency responders from exposure to hazardous materials.

NASA's Lunar Propector spacecraft

Did you know spacecraft?

From orbit, NASA's Lunar Prospector spacecraft can test and analyze the Moon's surface...thanks to the gamma ray spectrometer on board, which was made by Saint-Gobain.

U.S. Luge Team

Did you know Norton®?

Saint-Gobain is keeping the U.S. Olympic Luge Team sharp – Norton brand is the team's official abrasives supplier and corporate sponsor.

Sapphire crystals lighting the way

Did you know LED lighting?

Artificial sapphire crystals grown by Saint-Gobain help create LED lights that are more energy efficient and green than conventional lighting.

Vinyl siding installation

Did you know vinyl siding?

Through its CertainTeed (manufacturing) and Norandex (distribution) subsidiaries, Saint-Gobain is the largest supplier of vinyl siding in the world.