Balancing Acoustic Comfort with Aesthetic Aspirations

Building  owners must accommodate the aesthetic aspirations of a building with acoustic comfort. Unlike visual design, you can’t “see” sound on architectural drawings or renderings, so finding the proper balance is a complex challenge that involves art, science, and careful planning. In most instances, achieving the look and feel  an owner desires requires the expertise of  building scientists with decades of field experience. 

Building Health and Happiness

Saint-Gobain Commercial Solutions is dedicated to improving the built environment. With solutions that marry architectural products with technical experts, we optimize building performance to help foster health, happiness, and productivity.

Vital to our mission is a commitment to WELL v2 certification across our product portfolio: materials we use and processes we employ yield products that meet the most rigorously tested and vetted building standards.

The Science of Sound

The built environment can be a noisy place, frequently subjecting people to unwelcome sounds. Noise from interior and exterior sources—in the workplace and at home—negatively impact hearing and diminish productivity. Working from home, a trend that blossomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, exposed people to a wide array of “new” disruptive sounds. Without proper planning and management, poor acoustics can create unwanted intrusions or make people avoid spaces altogether.