Across Saint-Gobain, we've set ambitious targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions at company locations across North America. For more than 80 percent of these sites, we have accelerated our ISO 14001 certification process to obtain accreditation.

We’ve also committed to reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of our service buildings by a factor of four by 2040 under the Saint-Gobain CARE:4® program. The goal is to bring each new building’s thermal performance into line with the most stringent national standard and reduce annual energy usage to less than 80kWh/m2.

Other Goals

There is a corporate-wide, global target to reduce CO2 emissions by six percent (two percent each year) from 2014-2016, as well as a target to reduce water usage (reduce six percent over the same three years 2014-2016). The company also aims to have "zero landfilled waste." This equates to a "wash" of waste recycled and waste sent to a landfill. For example, if a site has one ton of waste it generates a year, but 1000 pounds is recycled, while 1000 pounds is sent to a landfill, that is a "wash."

Today, buildings account for 40 percent of energy use and 25 percent of CO2 emissions. As the world leader in the “habitat” and construction markets, Saint-Gobain is rising to the exciting challenge of inventing and building the home of the future — a home that will be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, while enhancing comfort and quality of life.

Relationships for Sustainability

At Saint-Gobain, we take great pride in the partnerships and relationships we’ve built with environmental regulators at the local, state and federal levels.


Programs in Sustainability

Saint-Gobain is proud to sponsor a number of product stewardship initiatives aimed at increasing the sustainability of our solutions, our plants and our processes.


Commitments to Sustainability

At Saint-Gobain, our commitment to sustainability enables us to develop innovative, effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the environment.