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Ken Smith

Market Development Manager

The future is here: The power of exoskeletons. It may sound like science fiction. Exoskeletons are an integrated technology worn on a person’s body so they can lift and carry more to safely do physical activity. This allows the body to act as an amplifier that augments, reinforces, or restores human performance. In the workplace, this can help reduce back strain for employees who lift heavy materials. Rather than serve as a supplier to exoskeleton startup companies, Saint-Gobain’s Bearings business team decided to explore the technology as an opportunity for new company business. Ken Smith, Market Development Manager in Wayne, New Jersey, was asked to develop an entire exoskeleton business after market research showed the clear potential. “It’s a new market with a new product no one else has,” says Ken, “and we wanted to be first. We went from supplying one component to creating the whole system. I feel like Iron Man when I’m wearing one of our prototypes."

The Passionate Geeks of Hiram

The Saint-Gobain Crystals team out of Hiram, OH, shares what they're passionate about, how the products they make impact our daily lives, and why they love what they do. Because we can't all be racecar drivers.

Jason Slaughter

Health & Safety Regional Manager

Following safety guidelines is a requirement at all of our manufacturing sites, but hitting the jackpot isn’t. That’s why Jason Slaughter, Health and Safety Regional Manager (U.S. East Coast) at the CertainTeed Gypsum plant in Roxboro, North Carolina, created a safety recognition campaign that celebrated employees’ daily efforts and made them even more meaningful by motivating them to “hit the safety lottery” when showcasing safe behavior. A custom designed safety scratch-off lottery ticket is awarded to employees on the spot when a manager, safety manager, or VIP observes safe behavior. The ticket is unique, featuring a safety mascot that is the brainchild of a plant worker who brought his artistic talents to the project. “It’s amazing to witness the change in employee morale that comes from being involved and recognized,” Jason says. “This program enhanced and continues to improve our culture. Getting an award for going above and beyond your safety responsibility has truly made a difference.” Prizes include awards employees can celebrate at home with their families, like movie tickets, dinner vouchers and even a personalized letter from management mailed to their families at home reiterating thanks to the employee for working safely. Now that’s the ticket to safety!


The Safety Mascot

Meet Filber: The Wayne, New Jersey, Film and Bearing plant’s official safety mascot. He was brought to life from a sketch originally created by Rollman Silva, a Forming Operator who thought a mascot would be a great way to raise safety awareness. His body is made up of a film roll and his hat a large-scale bearing. While Filber may look like just a mascot, he symbolizes much more. Employees enjoy seeing Filber at employee barbeques, EHS Days, Diversity Days and other site events. Filber especially enjoys greeting visitors to spread positive energy and reinforce the importance of safety in a fun way. Filber spreads happiness and brings smiles to employees’ faces because he represents Films and Bearings, the two businesses at the Wayne plant, in such a positive way, and promotes a common understanding of what’s important: being safe. Thank you, Filber, for being more than just a pretty face.

Connor Flanagan

Process Engineer / Safety Manager

CertainTeed employee and jack-of-all-trades, Connor Flanagan, explains why a career in manufacturing at Saint-Gobain offers daily challenges, new experiences and unlimited opportunities.

Jalisa Richardson

Veterans Employee Resource Group

Saint-Gobain employee and US Military Veteran, Jalisa Richardson, shares what made her volunteer to serve and why it's important to celebrate and empower veterans in the workforce.

Hannah Betsinger

Manufacturing Engineer

Get a feel for what it's like on the front lines of Industry 4.0, as Manufacturing Engineer, Hannah Betsinger, describes what it's like to develop automation processes and new operating systems live on the plant floor... and that's just her first week.

Rochelle Samuel

Process Sustainability Engineer

Process Sustainability Engineer, Rochelle Samuel, explains why sustainability efforts at Saint-Gobain have a major impact on the environment and why she's found her lane as a true sustainability champion.

Vanessa Gagnon

Director of Strategy and Planning

"As a business professional, you are constantly working under pressure – whether it is because you have to meet a specific timeline, or because you have to deliver bottom line results. Your performance has an impact on the success of your organization, which is very similar to being on a sports team. Hockey has given me some of the tools that I use to manage stress, perform under pressure, face adversity, work on a team and as a leader. But I think most importantly, hockey made me discover what it means to have a passion. There are quite a lot of similarities between sports teams and corporations. In both "systems," having a strong vision and purpose are key drivers for success. Having well-defined goals, clear communication lines and a positive culture are important factors that can impact the performance of an organization - whether it is on the ice or in a corporate environment. In my role, we always look for a strong culture fit…The first thing we focus on following the completion of the transaction is the integration of the people. If we are successful at integrating the people properly, positive business results will follow. The people-first culture is what attracted me to Saint-Gobain."

Mario Fowler

Operations Manager, CertainTeed Insulation Canada

The Nicholson family of Dunrobin, Ontario, share the painful story of finding out a tornado had destroyed their home. Now a year later, with the help from friends, family and corporate partners like Mario Fowler and CertainTeed, the Nicholson's are rebuilding and demonstrating the power of a strong community.

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