Saint-Gobain is an all-inclusive organization, dedicated to building an environment that celebrates diversity and offers employees of all backgrounds and cultures a chance to thrive. This commitment has led Saint-Gobain to establish Asian-Pacific Affinity Network (APAN), an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for individuals with Asian-Pacific backgrounds.


The APAN ERG creates pathways for current and potential members to have long-term success within Saint-Gobain and throughout their professional career, with an emphasis on mentorship, as well as education and awareness around cultural differences. Focused primarily on the development of strong leaders, APAN connects members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives with senior leadership through activities centered around networking and professional development. Additionally, APAN works to foster awareness of Asian-Pacific issues and provide guidance and education that helps facilitate better communication practices throughout the workplace.

Externally, APAN leaders actively attend recruiting events to engage potential Saint-Gobain employees and offer insight into the career paths available at the company. Once hired, APAN provides a number of resources that promote retention and growth, such as one-on-one sessions with top management and lectures series led by APAN members in high-level leadership roles.

Michael Cahill, Vice President of Crystals at Saint-Gobain, and Chair of the Diversity Council, says, “Saint-Gobain believes that diverse teams add immense value to our overall workplace. By meeting the individual needs of our internal communities, groups like APAN provide levels of access that foster innovation, allow members to flourish and helps retain great talent and in the end will accelerate our long-term growth.”

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