Saint-Gobain is an all-inclusive organization, dedicated to building an environment that celebrates diversity and offers all employees a chance to thrive. To better serve individual communities within the workplace, Saint-Gobain offers Employee Resource Groups (ERG), such as the Women’s Network, which focuses on helping women with career advancement.


Created by women, for women, the Saint-Gobain Women’s Network is open to all employees who support the mission of promoting diversity and inclusion by developing the potential of women in Saint-Gobain North America in a way that advances the Saint-Gobain business strategy. To achieve this, the Women’s Network focuses primarily on the recruitment and retention of talented women, regardless of geographical location. With the establishment of Regional Hubs located throughout North America, the Women’s Network is active at career fairs and events across the country. Additionally, programs developed to empower current members, such as networking or professional development seminars, take place in various locations -- with the option to attend virtually, if needed.

Carla Conant, District Sales Manager, West Coast for Saint-Gobain, and Co-Chair of the Women’s Network, says, “One the strengths within the Women’s Network is our prioritization of women everywhere. In addition to our Regional Hubs, the heart of our ERG, all of our seminars are offered online so that everyone has equal opportunity to take advantage. We have worked to foster the community on the broadest scale by implementing online community centers where members can engage with each other and discuss topics or issues that are important to them.”  

Externally, the Women’s Network fosters opportunities for members to engage with each other, as well as in their communities. Through partnerships with local organizations, donations and volunteer opportunities, members are able to give back and help impact those in need.

Rebecca Payton, Professional Supply Chain/Logistics & Raw Materials Manager CertainTeed Roofing (a Saint-Gobain subsidiary) and Co-Chair of the Women’s Network, says, “We are passionate about development and advancement for all women within our organization to ensure growth opportunities are both realistic and attainable. Our group strives to provide access to the resources that women need for both professional and personal advancement. Encouraging connections outside of the workplace is just one way we are able to assist.”

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