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Commercial Construction Consulting

We know that your project is more than the sum of its individual parts, because you’re building more than just a property – you’re building places where people can thrive. The Saint-Gobain Commercial Solutions team helps you define what success means for the people in your building – offices, hospitals, schools, airports and more – so you can maximize the performance of people in those spaces. Using our broad-reaching expertise in building science, systems and solutions throughout the entire project, our focus is not on what we manufacture but on whom it impacts and how.

Delivering Inspiration, from Start to Finish

People-focused. Systems-based. Science-driven. We work in unison with you to realize solutions. Check out our Look Book to learn more. How can we help you?

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A 360° View of Your Project

We look at more than a single product category or building system. Our broad perspective encompasses a 360° view of your commercial project. We understand that improving how people See, Feel, Hear and Breathe in commercial spaces are not isolated concerns. They are all connected, and systems that impact one impact the others.

A Single Point Of Contact

One of the greatest benefits of teaming up with Saint-Gobain Commercial Solutions is a purely practical one. Your Commercial Solutions representative is here to serve as the single point of contact between you and all the resources of Saint-Gobain North America, bringing the right people in at the right time to connect with the right members of your team.

Expert Consultative Services

Through our consultative services, our experts open the door to scientifically-based insights, systems and products that will inform the design of your project and position it for long-term success. These areas of expertise include:

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The Saint-Gobain Commercial Solutions team recently partnered with Principle Long-Term Care, Inc. to set a new standard in senior care. Learn more

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Building Science for Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Professionals

Read our online primer on commercial building science that will demonstrate its importance in the current competitive CRE world.

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Meet the Team


DJ Damberger

Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Building Envelope

Jennifer Vorberger

Director, Commercial Solutions

Although my graduate thesis focused on how the built environment affects the well-being of patients in hospitals via ‘Evidence-Based Design’ (EBD), I only practiced Healthcare Design for a few years. It is exciting to now be in a role where I am focused on outcome based solutions that go beyond the architecture and design and now take into account the complete building systems that affect not only healthcare but all verticals, and affect not only patients but all occupants of all buildings. Schedule a Consultation

Peter Worstell

Senior Business Development Manager

Tamara Alvarez

Sr. Manager, Partnerships & Business Development

Working for a building material manufacturer for more than 12 years, you would think I might only talk about products, but I don’t. We think from a solutions perspective and help you solve for your spaces. I enjoy pulling materials together to create systems that will impact occupants in a positive way. After creating our Malvern HQ and then experiencing the spaces designed to work in harmony with my colleagues, I think every occupant of every building deserves that level of thought for their occupant experience and comfort. Schedule a Consultation

Michael Miller

Manager, Partnerships & Business Development

Brittany Wright

Manager, Partnerships & Business Development

My advanced art teacher, Mr. Heston, encouraged me to go into design and architecture after a ‘dream house’ drawing assignment. That moment really opened my eyes and created a passion to learn how buildings are built. To me, architecture is more than making a building look pretty, it’s making spaces better for people. After earning my masters in Architecture and designing buildings it seemed like a natural progression to share with others how the right systems can make what is beautiful also better for the well-being of the people inside. Schedule a Consultation

Lucas Hamilton

Manager Applied Building Science

I’m passionate about the physics of how things work and being in and around construction my whole life has afforded me the opportunity to understand our built environment from that scientific perspective. I have a deep seated reverence for both the contract between us as people and the one we share with nature and this is the lens through which I consider our efforts to build a healthier, more productive, and more durable habitat. Schedule a Consultation

Ahoo Malekafzali

Manager, Building Sciences

Stanley Gatland II

Manager of Building Sciences and Comfort

I always had an interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency so after achieving my masters in mechanical engineering with a focus on thermal fluid sciences and energy systems it seemed only natural to work in building science. I like to say that I was in building science before building science was even a term. Schedule a Consultation

Roger Watson

Manager, National Accounts Facades

Raj Desphpande

Sr. Director Sustainability & Product Stewardship

Matt Cleary

Manager, Integrated Building Design

Walking the Talk

Our own headquarters was built based on this approach, serving as a living laboratory for the concepts that Saint‑Gobain Commercial Solutions Team promotes.

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