Saint-Gobain & CertainTeed North America Headquarters

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Occupant Comfort Study

We partnered with the University of Oregon to study the move from our former Valley Forge location to our Malvern headquarters. The study details how a systems-based approach to design can positively impact thermal, visual and acoustical comfort, and indoor air quality to achieve overall multi-comfort, productivity, and well-being.

HQ Occupants Reported

overall improvement in visual comfort

improvement in acoustical comfort

employees reported feeling healthier because of indoor air quality improvement

improvement in thermal comfort

What else did we learn?

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Our Living Laboratory

We've created a high-performance workplace that encourages employee productivity, collaboration, satisfaction and well-being. By installing more than 60 of our sustainable building materials, working together in a systems-based approach, we influenced occupant comfort and well-being.

  • COLLABORATE in an open office environment without disrupting others.
  • BREATHE easier in your workspace thanks to air that is actively cleaned as you inhale.
  • SURROUND yourself with 360-degree views in an all-glass lobby as quiet as it is beautiful.
  • ENJOY outdoor views without the need for blinds or shades.
  • TRANSFORM a bustling cafeteria into a meeting space where everyone can hear the presenter.
  • BOOST productivity by providing views of nature, fresh air and minimal disruption.
  • SPEAK to a large group without a microphone and without raising your voice.
  • ACHIEVE sustainability goals while pleasing occupants.
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Photo Gallery

Photo © Jeffrey Totaro, 2015

Conference Room

This SageGlass® configuration allows for three different zones of tinting within one pane of glass, maximizing daylight and providing unobstructed views of the natural environment.

Photo © Jeffrey Totaro, 2015

Pantry Spaces

The new headquarters boasts 190,000 square feet of open-concept office space, including a cafeteria and smaller break spaces like the one pictured here.

Collaboration Area

A gathering space off the main lobby features CertainTeed's acoustical ceiling products, including SilentFX® on the walls and ceilings and an exposed structure with Decoustics® Baffles.

The Headquarters

The headquarters is a next-generation workplace that maximizes comfort and indoor air quality through a wide range of building material innovations from the company's own product portfolio.


Novelio® CleanAir and Mold-X wall coverings help Saint-Gobain achieve the building's indoor environmental quality goals, creating a positive impact on the health of employees.

Fitness Center

The on-site fitness center is open to all employees and benefits from natural daylight.

Photo © Jeffrey Totaro, 2015

Collaboration Area

Saint-Gobain Cool-Lite® SKN163II glass on the building's north- and east-facing facades provides an optimal light-to-solar gain ratio in the summer and excellent thermal comfort during cooler months.

The Campus

Nestled on 65 acres of rolling hills with a pond, walking trail, softball field and outdoor patio, the new Saint-Gobain and CertainTeed North American Headquarters has a lot to offer our most valuable asset - our people.

The Campus

Previously the main entrance to the building, the employee entrance features bike racks and reserved parking for energy-efficient vehicles and carpools, along with an employee garden.

Photo © Jeffrey Totaro, 2015

Main Lobby

SageGlass® plays an integral role in helping Saint-Gobain achieve its sustainability goals while creating a next-generation workplace that puts employee comfort first.

Photo © Jeffrey Totaro, 2015

Training Rooms

In the training rooms, SGG STADIP® laminated glass is paired with Sekurit® frameless safety glass, helping to keep the space quiet while allowing views of the outside.


In the cafeteria, CertainTeed's Cedar Impressions® Individual Sawmill Polymer Shingles proved to be an interesting indoor commercial application of a traditional outdoor residential product.

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