Saint-Gobain Commercial Solutions is dedicated to improving the built environment. With solutions that marry architectural products with technical experts, we optimize building performance to help foster health, happiness, and productivity.

Vital to our mission is a commitment to WELL v2 certification across our product portfolio: materials we use and processes we employ yield products that meet the most rigorously tested and vetted building standards.

What Is WELL v2?

In short, WELL v2 promotes the physical and mental well-being of building occupants by defining ten key concepts designed to enhance buildings, including: 

  • Achieving high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime through active and passive building design and operation strategies,
  • Managing the quality, distribution, and control of water in a building, as well as the management of water to avoid damage to building materials and environmental conditions,
  • Promoting exposure to light and creating lighting environments that promote visual, mental, and biological health,
  • Encouraging physical activity in everyday life through environmental design,
  • Providing a maximum level of thermal comfort for all building uses through improved HVAC system design and control, and
  • Identifying and mitigating acoustical comfort parameters that shape occupant experiences in the built environment.

We are proud to be WELL Health Safety-Rated by the International Well Building Institute. Learn more about other WELL v2 concepts and dive deeper into specifics here.


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