March 07, 2012 |

Study: Most Significant Way to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint Cost-Effectively in California is Window Film

New research confirms window film is the most cost-effective energy saving choice for Californians when used in retrofit applications on homes, buildings.

Solar Gard®, an industry-leading manufacturer of architectural and automotive window films, today announced its support for new research which confirms window film is the most cost-effective energy saving choice for Californians when used in retrofit applications on homes and buildings.

"Window film offers a tremendous opportunity for Californians to lower energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Kathryn Giblin, Director of Global Marketing and Technical Services, Solar Gard. "This independent analysis proves that window film should be the number one choice for building retrofit projects in the state."

The comprehensive independent analysis of window film, conducted by California-based firm ConSol, shows that in existing commercial structures window film's energy savings alone can offer a payback of less than two years, or up to a seventy percent return on investment depending on the construction, location and type of window film. For example, window film offers the opportunity to lower air conditioning costs and save on lighting bills by reducing solar heat gain, while letting in natural light without the negative impact of harsh glare and UV exposure.

As a window film manufacturer based in California for over thirty years, Solar Gard is uniquely poised to meet the retrofit needs of building and home owners in search of cost and carbon-effective energy saving solutions. As the only window film manufacturer to have obtained a full Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its architectural solar control films, Solar Gard has scientifically proven that its films are carbon negative and have a net positive environmental impact worldwide. The EPD further proves that Californians should choose window films to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in their homes and buildings.

To aid customers in the selection and installation of the right solution, Solar Gard is offering its expertise and a free energy analysis to those interested in finding out more about how they can reap the benefits of window film. For more information, please contact Luc Goemaere at For a copy of the report, visit

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