"When you are open to working with
people with diverse views, you
benefit from different perspectives
which boosts innovation."

- Tom Kinisky

President & CEO, Saint-Gobain North America

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Between the head and the heart, an ingredient for strategic growth

Growth doesn’t happen simply because we want it to; it’s the result of following a clear purpose. Tom shares his thoughts on how Saint-Gobain can make strides toward growth through a common purpose.

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Purposeful passion, the common link in creating a positive culture and driving growth

After spending much of his first year as CEO visiting Saint-Gobain’s sites across the country, Tom aims to channel the purposeful passion he encountered across the entire business.

Strategic Vision

Innovation occurs at the intersection of a critical problem, diverse ideas, and people willing to listen to new perspectives. But before we can accomplish anything, we need to invest in people. Seeking out fresh talent, focusing on customer-centric innovation, and ensuring that we have a unified clarity of purpose, these three things amplify one another in a virtuous cycle of success.

Investing in talent

Focusing on customer-centric innovation

Ensuring clarity of purpose

Our team of talented people breaks boundaries to create new and better solutions for our customers and improve our world. That kind of talent and drive attracts more diverse and passionate people to our team, enabling us to continue pushing the envelope of what is possible in our industry.

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