Global advanced engineered materials supplier that provides custom protection, detection, and energy transformation capabilities for innovative system integrators who are looking for a reliable and responsive partner who can enable the creation of products to improve daily life during a time of increased speed of change and demand for an abundance of information.

  • Scintillation materials used as radiation detectors, these crystals and detectors convert high energy radiation, gamma or X-rays, or particles such as neutrons into usable information for measurement, evaluation or imaging.
  • Sapphire products, large sheets, tubes and rods, are used where scratch resistance, chemical inertia or mechanical resistances are required for Aerospace & Protection systems, Semiconductor equipment, and Industrial applications.
  • X-Ray Monochromator Crystals are one of the core components needed to perform X-ray Fluorescence Analysis.
  • Garnet Substrates used by Optical telecommunication industry as infrared optical isolators.